Tricks to Overcome Clogged Paralon Pipes Easily

Paralon pipe or commonly known as PVC pipe is often used as a material for making drains. This pipe was chosen because it is durable and affordable, but unfortunately it is not uncommon to have to face blockage problems. For that, you need to know the Tricks on How to Overcome a Clogged Paralon Pipe Easily.

Many things cause the pipe to become clogged. You are quite familiar, aren’t you with the water in the sink that stagnates until it smells? Yes, piles of leftover food, fat, and soap deposits turn out to be clogs. However, you can solve it yourself in the following ways.

Use the Plunger

Plunger or suction rubber is very effective to use as a way to smooth out clogged drains. This object is a stick equipped with a dirt suction device at the end. You also need to pay attention to only choose plungers that have a muzzle, so that the suction power will be stronger.
You can ask this plunger to the nearest building materials store. Once in hand, the first step you need to do is drain the puddle at the mouth of the pipe. After that, insert the plunger into the pipe hole and close it until there are no more air cavities. Pump it several times then check if the water can flow again. The plunger is only suitable if the clogging material is a solid object.

Make use of baking soda and vinegar

If you have trouble getting to a hardware store, you can use another method. This method is easier because you only rely on ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen, namely baking soda and vinegar. Beforehand, make sure the mouth of the drain is not flooded. After that, add a few tablespoons of baking soda and then add the vinegar. A kind of foam will form and break down any clogged dirt. You can repeat this method several times until the channel is completely smooth.

Use an Auger Cable

An auger cable or plumbing snake is also effective for clogged water pipe problems. You only need to prepare an auger cable that is the same length as the pipe. Insert the cable into the pipe. After that give a strong push, turn, then pull it to its original position. You can practice this method over and over. Observe the dirt that is finally pushed out. Auger cables are very effective in winding paralon pipes. Even so, this method is quite energy consuming, especially with longer pipe sizes.

Utilizing Plastic Ropes and Spools

The tools for clogged pipes don’t have to be complicated, it turns out that a strong rope can help you solve this problem. In addition, you also need to prepare a plastic roll according to the diameter of the paralon. This is done so that the coils can freely enter the pipe.
The next step, tie the plastic roll with a rope that can reach the end of the pipe. Run the pipe, let it sit for about 1 minute, then insert the rope while still letting the water run.
If you feel the plastic roll has reached the end of the pipe, gently pull the string out. The dirt will be lifted up in this process.

Use Coarse Sand

There is one more alternative method that you can try, namely by using coarse grains of sand. First of all you need to drain the pipe with water, then take coarse sand as much as 2 grips, insert it. Then, also insert the compressor hose which has high pressure.
Close the pipe hole for a while. After that you can reopen the airflow and see if the dirt has been lifted out.
By using one of the methods above, it is guaranteed that your problem can be resolved immediately. There is nothing wrong with trying this easy method before deciding to call a plumber. In addition to saving costs, you can also learn what method you think is the easiest and most effective.
Clogged pipes are quite common, of course, for anyone, from home owners, restaurant businesses, to boarding houses and lodging owners. To avoid the clogging buildup too badly, as much as possible avoid the possibility of minor clogs such as food scraps or strands of hair.
Hopefully, the method for overcoming clogged paralon pipes above can be useful for you. Good luck trying it yourself at home!