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Shea and Syd received a chance to redo a room for a couple in Kaysville within the first season of the show. They both redesigned the room and transformed it into a beautiful dining space for the family to chill out. One of the tallest mountains throughout the unofficial faction’s borders, the mountain homes a tier-1 beacon with the pace impact.

Finally, the City Page has a “Gallery” of typical scenes pertinent to the customer, resident, or potential resident. The most shocking factor Bromstad has learned from fulfilling winners’ requests is how many of them look for homes close to members of the family. “A house could be in the midst of nowhere, and so they at all times stay close to household. That was one thing that basically shocked me. It’s all about household.” Long before HGTV’s My Lottery Dream Home premiered, viewers watched as Jed Clampett struck oil … Read More