Dream Locations Home


dream locations home

Dream House Upgrades & Renovations

The Underground Prime path is built by Tommy, it is related to Tubbo’s tunnel, and leads from Tubbo’s bunker in L’Manberg directly to the double ravine of Pogtopia. The path nonetheless stands, as proven by Tubbo’s stream on April 9, 2021, when he and Foolish used the trail to visit Pogtopia.

dream locations home

Years Of Hgtv Dream Home

It contains many redstone contraptions, and houses Sam’s most valued pet, Fran. It has been heavily broken, as blood vines grew inside of the home leading Sam to destroy many of the floor and objects in his base. Sam currently seems to nonetheless considerably live in his base to check on Fran, however not often visits.

Constructed by Technoblade on September 23, 2020, the bottom capabilities as a safehouse to retailer his gadgets within the eventuality of Pogtopia’s dissolution. It is situated underwater in a river near Pogtopia, with … Read More