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Here, the couple needed to build a lavish theatre room for a British family. The couple additionally undertook another project close by within the lovely city of Layton where they’d a project to rework and renovate a whole kitchen. There are a couple of scenes which had been shot inside and around the warehouse of Shea & Syd’s McGee & Co. Dream Home Makeover has been everywhere in the internet after its release on Netflix platform. It is hosted by Shea and Syd, who began their interior designing studio McGee in 2014. The couple ultimately gained popularity when Shea shared their work on social media and it additional escalated by leaps and bounds after they released a Netflix series of their own.

dream locations home

Dnret is the successor of Tnret, TommyInnit’s first and old Logstedshire tent, built under Technoblade’s Cabin. Techno destroyed the Prime log … Read More